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November 1st, 2011

Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil



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Medium Chain Triglyceride Oil 500ml (Free Shipping)

•During high protein, low carb precompetition diets—MCTs can provide extra energy
•Adding additional calories for weight gain—MCTs can be used to increase the number of calories consumed and may provide a muscle sparing effect. Consuming adequate calories to stimulate muscle growth can often be a difficult task. That’s where MCT Oil offers convenience. Instead of eating large amounts of extra food throughout the day simply add a serve of MCT Oil to your protein shake or weight gainer (such as MetaMaxx) to increase the calorie intake.

•Zone Diet—MCT Oil can be used within the structure of the Zone diet

•Each Tablespoon (15ml) of MCT Oil provides 115 calories

MetaPhysics MCT Oil is made by lipid fractionation of Palm and or coconut oil, producing a product that is 100% Medium Chain Triglycerides. Most triglycerides are Long chain Triglycerides (LCT) which contain chains of 16–20 molecules. MCTs only contain chains of 6–12 molecules. MCTs are digested and metabolized differently than LCTs. MCTs bypass the normal complex digestion that most fats require and they enter the bloodstream at a faster rate than other fats. LCTs are mostly stored into fat cells, but MCTs enter the bloodstream as medium chain free fatty acids and are immediately available as a source of energy for muscles.


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