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August 30th, 2011

Horleys Replace



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New 1.6kg Bag

Isotonic Sports Drink
Horleys Replace is well known in New Zealand and comes recommended by leading sports dietitians, trainers and coaches.The product was scientifically formulated to maintain optimum hydration for exercising bodies long before mainstream sports drinks and waters hit the shelves.

Replace Hydration now brings an even better formulation to the market, with a lower osmolarity (faster fluid transfer),higher sodium concentration (better retention and absorption), balanced acid level (more tooth friendly) and we’ve even reduced the amount of added colours (less staining!)

Prevents dehydration, replenishes fluid and energy, fastIsotonic (320mOsm/L)- stimulates absorption and maintains fluid balance better than more concentrated drinks

Electrolytes – to assist the absorption and replace what you lose in sweat
Appealing flavour profile – not too sweet – maintains the desire to drink
7.5% carbohydrate for rapid gastric emptying and superior hydration to plain water
More sodium to enhance palatability, promote fluid retention and encourage drinking

Before, during and after exercise of any duration (continuous or intermittent) of more than 60 minutes.

Ideal for:
Replace is excellent for all sports people especially those undergoing vigorous and extended bouts of training as well as those who require mid-event fluid replacement.

Replace is also suitable for people recovering from illness where fluid loss and dehydration is a factor, and is also the ideal drink for anyone whose job involves heavy or hard labour in warm to hot temperatures, where the risk of dehydration could be dangerous (builders, truck drivers, forestry workers, firemen, shearers etc.)

We’ve also had reports from multiple reliable sources that Replace makes an excellent hangover cure – but it works best if you can remember to drink it before going to bed!


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