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Shoreline Fitness has been my passion for many years. I want it to be the gym people come to, to feel comfortable and welcome no matter what. As a personal trainer I enjoy taking a fun but challenging approach to fitness. I enjoy helping people stay fit and active through fitness by providing enjoyable and motivating sessions which challenge you to better yourself and reach your goals. Countless years of playing rugby and training in the gym has taught me that hard work pays off and if you’re passionate about what you do, it doesn’t feel like a chore but a reward. ”

I specialize in rugby specific training for young athletes looking to improve performance on the field. As well as this Ben has a passion for helping the everyday person to stay fit and healthy through exercise.

“You can lead a donkey to water but you can’t make it drink it.”



Working in the fitness industry for over 20 years I understand the demands of a busy lifestyle and the importance of making the most of your training time. My knowledge is supported by real experience, being successful in weight loss and fitness myself. Constantly looking for new challenges, I believe there are no limits to what the body and mind can achieve. It’s about making changes to improve your lifestyle, finding a healthy balance and becoming a better you.

I have coached, trained and competed in numerous off road running events, half and full marathons. Her training style focuses on balance of the mind, body, exercise, diet and lifestyle.

“Let me inspire, teach, support and motivate you towards believing in yourself and becoming the best you can be!”



Shoreline Fitness has been my second home from the day I was able to enter the gym. I started my fitness journey here at Shoreline and it has now become a daily profession. As a trainer, I enjoy helping people work towards and achieve their goals, inside and outside the gym. I am here to motivate and support everyone who needs the extra push and look forward to seeing the progress the gym provides both physically and mentally to every person that comes through the door.

I have been involved in fitness and sports from a young age, including rugby and surfing. I specialize in resistance training, hypertrophy training, strength training and weight loss. I personally love the amount of variation these training styles offer and how specific the training can be tailored to different goals.

“The only thing holding you back from achieving your goals, is you.”



Fitness isn’t about the way you look or the physical side of an individual, it’s about how you feel during and after exercise, sending out those happy endorphins to improve a sense of wellbeing. For many years, I have been involved with fitness or sports and have wanted to pass on my knowledge to my clients. I am dedicated to the highest quality to inspire individuals to stay fit and healthy not only physically but also mentally.

Being a part of the Personal Training industry I have learnt many things about physical health and what fitness can do to an individual and how it can benefit them in many ways. I am here to help support and concur those goals YOU are wanting to achieve, by providing my skills, motivation, dedication and education leading you to achieve these goals. 

I specialize in weight training, HIIT training and overall improving an individual’s cardiovascular system. I am inspired by how someone’s well being can be influenced by these components of fitness and would love to help us in the community to feel better in our own skin. Let me be a part of this journey of yours and I promise I’ll make it fun along the way. 

“Life has no remote, Let’s get up and change it ourselves”

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